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Raadsleden in 140 Karakters

The goal of the project was to examine the manner in which councilmen- and women in the Netherlands use Twitter. The findings displayed that 62% were active, however the number of active users differed based on province.In the research process, the content as well as the sentiments were analyzed. A profile analysis was created in order to create recommendations for social media strategy for Raadslid.nu, the Dutch Association for Councilmen. As a result of this 3 month research project, a framework was created for councilmen Twitter profiles to increase 'findability' on the Twitter social media platform.

The project was developed in collaboration with Buzzcapture, and The Utrecht Data School for Raadslid.nu (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Raadsleden) The results were presented at 'The Seminar on Social Media: Raadsleden in 140 Karakters' in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

In collaboration with:
Amber de Zeeuw - New Media Researcher
Melissa Blekkenhorst - New Media Researcher
Download Raadsleden in 140 Karakters (in Dutch) here

The Ustopic Web

The Ustopic Web explores a utopian and dystopian browser experience of a Thai activist. A journey through the deep web is displayed in an animated wireframe that presents a dystopic experience leaving the user vulnerable to cyber attacks and trolling, in contrast an envisioned ustopic experience is displayed with captivating visuals, with added features to enhance deep web browsing experiences.

Ustopic Web was created for the 2016 International Crypto Design Award , and was amongst 16 nominees and displayed in NeMe gallery as a part of the New Imaginaries for Crypto Design exhibition in Limassol, Cyprus

In collaboration with:
Abdelrahman Hassan - Software Developer
Jake Henderson - Web Developer
Visit Ustopic Web here.

Eneco On-the-go

Eneco on-the-go is a service that helps flexible workers stay connected.The service provides green energy solutions that fit the daily flow of on-the-go people and helps them avoid the hassle of ever finding a socket. As battery anxiety becomes a condition that more and more people are suffering from, individuals are in the constant need to stay connected at any expense. Eneco on-the-go makes staying connected easy by finding a solution for mobile dependent users.

In collaboration with:
Daniela Cortes - Industrial Designer
Lynn Dika - Strategy Designer
Erik Oegema - Creative Developer
Alexandre Paranagua - Service and Behavior Designer
Felipe Escobar - Coach
View the project poster here.

Data Mining on Twitter

This study analyzes how Twitter information is being displayed and how language can offer a space for information dissemination and dissent. Past studies have identified multi-language Twitter coporas, however few have considered the restrictions in analysing information behaviour in a comparative analysis of English and a less-resourced language. In this study, short comings of research in less-resourced languages are reviewed in the process of creating a comparative analysis using Twitter data in English and Thai surrounding the topic of lese majeste to consider methodological difficulties with consideration to the political environment.Twitter data is used to draw out the potential of further research that compares multi-language databases and to present a lese-majeste Twitter corpora.

In collaboration with:
Jake Henderson - Python Programmer download 'Hidden Discourses in Twitter Data: Examining the Limitations of Data Collection and Information Dissemination in a Climate of Repression' here.

The Integration of Batteries into Non-Spaces

The results of researching the Eneco-on-the-go service has resulted in a paper that explores the use of ubiquitous devices and nomophobia: the discomfort by the non-availability of a pervasive device. The paper explores how Eneco's real-time pricing: a feature that predicts sustainable energy prices on the APX energy exchange, can be integrated in a battery service that enables ubiquitous devices to be charged.

Download Batteries in Space: A Transition to Smart Energy Solutions with Batteries here.

Commercial Moments

A 6-week diary study to verify consumer Black Friday and Holiday (Christmas) consumer journeys. Diary study were complimented with pre- and post- interviews to tackle market research questions relating to purchasing behavior. To benchmark adidas’s website experience during seasonal sale periods, findability of seasonal deals, and general user experience; an unmoderated test was done to compare adidas website content for those of competitors both periods.

In collaboration with:
Nidhi Jawal - User Researcher
Jens Claus - User Research
Download a summary of the project here
Due to non-disclosure agreements and user data regulations I cannot fully disclose the results of the mentioned research projects.


A usability study to explore the Solarboost campaign on adidas.com campaign. Users were taken through pages associated with the products and asked to evaluate their understanding of the shoe’s performance benefits in a speak aloud study. Results were used to understand user's perception of content produced for the launch of the campaign.

Download a summary of the project here
Due to non-disclosure agreements and user data regulations I cannot fully disclose the results of the mentioned research projects.